Today's Training for Tomorrow's Needs

Do you face the following technical challenges?

Training operators and maintenance technicians on new equipment
Developing procedures your people actually use
Upgrading the skills of your maintenance staff
Do you face the following employee development challenges?
Helping individuals develop effective interpersonal skills
Building leadership skills at all levels
Ensuring that employees treat one another in a respectful manner

Available Applied Training Courses
(Maintenance & Troubleshooting)

Microcontrollers / FPGA

Electrocardiogram ECG Trainer
Beda Precision Model BPMU1000

Electroencephalogram EEG
Beda Precision Model BPMU1001

The Vertical Cylindrical Pressure Steam Sterilizer
Beda Precision Model BPMU1002

Electronic Convex Ultrasound Scanner
Beda Precision Model BPMU1004

Infant Incubator
Beda Precision Model BPMU1006

Low Speed Centrifuge
Beda Precision Model BPMU1007

Flame Photometer
Beda Precision Model BPMU1008

Spectrophotometer Trainer
Beda Precision Model BPMU1009

Computerized Infusion Pump
 Beda Precision Model BPMU1010

Electrical Ventilator
Beda Precision Model BPMU1011

Patient Bed
Beda Precision Model BPMU1012

Patient Monitor
Beda Precision Model BPMU1014

Electrical Surgical Unit
  Beda Precision Model BPMU1013

  Medical Eng. Courses
ECG / EMG / EEG Maintenance
Ultra Sound
Scientific Systems
  Computer System & Peripherals Troubleshooting Courses

Computer network Courses

Photocopier machines maintenance Courses
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