Automotive & Road Engineering

Each of our different units consist of an entire mechanism built with gears , pins , springs , pivots etc.. in heavy transparent and colored plexiglass allowing you to show an entire class a mechanism behind its concept. You will show that concept dynamically since you will be able to move its components thus saving tremendous time and effort ! This is probably the most ingenious way to explain a difficult concept through a simple TEACHING AID, or through the computer system (CAI / CBT). Almost all the components of a car are available.

Four Stroke demo system (Diesel & Gas)
Two stroke demo System (Diesel & Gas)
Diesel Engine:Fuel-delivery control
Steam Engine Demo Unit
Combustion Engines
Wankel Motor
Engine Controls
Fuel delivery in Otto Cycle
Transmissions: Manual / Auto.
Supercharging of Engines
Cooling & Lubrication
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